The Coolest Retard

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The Coolest Retard
Issue 16 September 1981

The Coolest Retard was a zine from Chicago, IL., U.S.A. that was put together by editor Craig Schmidt with Karen Wehrle and Dianne Dittrich.

The Coolest Retard covered the punk, independent, and early goth scene of the early 1980's, before there was the division between these genres that came to exist in the 1990's. Bands featured include Bauhaus, Naked Raygun, Adam and the Ants, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Effigies, The Fall, Teardrop Explodes, Gang of 4, Killing Joke, Kraftwerk, Panther Burns, Blurt!, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ministry, Husker Du, The Damned, The Gun Club, Pete Shelley and Depeche Mode. The zine also featured record and live shows reviews, news items and editorials about the state of music.

Contributors of writing included Dianne Dittrich, editor Craig Schmidt, and Karen Wehrle. Photographs were by Dianne Dittrich.

Other contributors included Sinclair Elrod, John Von Damen, and Eric Newcomer, among others.

The Coolest Retard was published regularly for a number of years. Issue 16 came out in 1981, and Issue 23 was released in 1983.

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